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Dustless sanding courtesy of metro Detroit's exclusive home
of the Atomic Truck Mounted Dust Containment System.

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Yerke Flooring stands behind everything we do

New flooring installations

Our professional installers are experienced with site finished, prefinished, engineered, exotics, laminate, cork, bamboo, and leather. We pride ourselves on educating you with the advantages and disadvantages of each product, then helping you make a selection specific to your needs.

Hardwood floor refinishing process

During refinishing the existing hardwood is sanded down to the bare wood. The floors are kept natural or stained for color, and then finished. There are many different floor finishes on the market. We will discuss the various options available and suggest the best fit for your needs. The best fit depends on a variety of factors:

  • Is it a high traffic area?
  • Are there pets in the home?
  • Will it be stained dark?
  • Do you want an Eco-Friendly / Green finish?

Yerke Floors offers oil-based urethanes, high-quality commerical-grade water based finishes, hand rubbed penetrating oils, waxes, and alcohol-resin-based Glitsa finish systems. Certain finishes require all occupants and pets to leave the home during the process, while others may allow you to stay in your home during the entire project.

Hardwood floors are refinished for the following reasons, but not limited to:

  • The old finish has naturally worn away
  • Desire to change the color of the floors
  • New wood has been added and integrated with old wood
  • Remodeling

The cost to finish or refinish hardwood flooring varies based on several factors:

  • stain color
  • finish selected (type, manufacturer, number of coats)
  • Atomic dustless sanding system or traditional sanding methods

The time to refinish a floor varies based on size, but averages between 3-4 days. Please read more about our Hardwood Finishing Process to learn more about what to expect when getting your hardwood floors sanded and finished.

Screen and Recoat

A maintenance process that involves lightly abrading the hardwood floor and applying a topcoat of finish to:

  • Re-apply finish worn away through normal usage
  • Restore the beauty and fill in surface scratches
  • Save on costly and disruptive refinishing process
  • Extend the life of the floors

How frequently a maintenance coat is needed is determined by how hard you are on your floors. It is typically a one day process and does not create a mess. A screen and recoat is not an option if any oil soap, wax or acrylic substances have been used on the floors as adhesion is compromised.


Water, fire, wall removal — the types of damage a hardwood floor can sustain are endless. Our professional craftsmen are experienced in addressing all types of damage. The type of floor, extent of damage, and availability of material all factor into what will be required to repair the floor and how long it will take.

Carpet and Laminate

In the market for carpet? Whether you are looking for an inexpensive basement berber or a high-style wool, the options are endless. Our showroom offers some of the best carpet brands in the industry with rich, vibrant and lustrous colors and styles.

Laminate flooring is an excellent choice for the eco-friendly consumer due to its inherent green qualities. Long lasting, easy to maintain, and a wide variety of wood, ceramic, stone and tile designs create the beauty you want for your home. You get incredible realism without the cost.

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A hardwood installation by Yerke Floors provides a lifetime of beauty.


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Hardwood installed by Yerke Floors adds warmth, style and elegance.


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Yerke Floors laminate flooring installation offers intriguing textures and colors.