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Dustless sanding courtesy of metro Detroit's exclusive home
of the Atomic Truck Mounted Dust Containment System.

yerke floors truck and dcs atomic trailer


Finally you can finish your floors without all the mess!

The most common complaint from customers that have used the traditional hardwood floor sanding method is the amount of dust in their homes. Customers have said they would rather move than go through that process again.

Yerke Floors offers a dustless sanding system

The Bona Atomic Truck Mounted Dust Containment System (DCS) is our hallmark product

After years of evaluating dustless sanding systems, we’ve finally found one that lives up to the high quality standards that has defined Yerke Floors for four generations.

The Atomic Truck Mounted Dust Containment System (DCS) virtually eliminates airborne dust associated with the sanding/finishing process. The truck-mounted system runs off its own 27-HP water-cooled engine and drives the powerful vacuum that draws the sanding dust outside and into a containment system outside your house.

Benefits of using the Atomic Truck Mounted DCS

Yerke Floors is proud to be the first retailer in the metro Detroit to offer this technologically advanced system

  • The Atomic trailer generates 99.8% less dust than traditional sanding
  • Healthier system for those suffering from allergies or asthma
  • Increased customer satisfaction by eliminating the nightmare of dust migrating throughout the home for months after the finishing process is complete
  • Higher quality results in the finish by eliminating airborne dust that could settle into the finish during the drying process

Yerke Floors Customer Feedback on using the Atomic Truck Mounted Containment System

  • Well worth the extra cost. We were pleasantly surprised by how little dust was left behind.
  • Thrilled when we returned to very little dust. I was quite concerned and was very pleased!
  • Wonderful! Wouldn't do it any other way now that we've had this experience.
  • Loved it — will now do more floors.
  • Worth the extra money. We have an infant son and felt much better bringing him home to a less contaminated environment.
  • It worked very well. I've done floors without and I really like this system. Minimal surface dust. AWESOME!
  • It saved my sanity.


Available upon request

Exclusive Greenguard indoor air quality certification

Yerke Floors uses the only Greenguard-certified hardwood floor finishing system in the industry.

Greenguard indoor air quality certified and Bona Atomic DCS
chart illustrating amount of wood dust eliminated when using atomic dcs system

The amount of hardwood dust that can be eliminated using the Atomic DCS for your refinishing project compared to traditional hardwood sanding methods.


bill yerke stands behind the quality of the dcs dust containment system

Yerke Floors president, Bill Yerke stands behind the results the Atomic DCS delivers for hardwood refinishing projects.